An Interview with Greg Anderson, by Mark from Psychedelic 'Zine

How are things going ?

I can't complain, thanks !

How did you hook up with the ex - Obsessed guys and please let us know the line - up of Goatsnake.

I hooked up with the rhythm section : Greg Rogers, and Guy after they split from the Obsessed. At the time I was living in Seattle and my band Engine Kid had broken up. Through the suggestion of a mutual friend, Guy contacted me asking if I wanted to jam. Being a huge Obsessed fan I jumped at the opportunity! I went down to Los Angeles, we jammed and it all clicked. After a couple months we decided to try and find a singer... We all loved Petes voice and his previous bands Wool, and Scream... So we asked him to come down and it all worked out super well.

As a first sign of life Goatsnake released a 7" under Prosthetic Records. As I know it well, the vinyl isn't available anymore... How many copies did the label press and are you satisfied with the reactions you've got on it?

There were 1 thousand pressed, the reaction was great and I'm glad Prosthetic helped us out in the beginning.

Your second 7" came out on the German Warpburner. And there are on it 2 demo songs, which won't be heard on the full - length. When did you record this cult demo and how many songs did you put on it?

The first recordings were made in 1997 about 6 or 8 months after we formed, it has 5 songs on it. And 3 are on the album, the 2 others came out on Nicole Karsts' label Warpburner.

Speaking about your debut album, can you anticipate something about it ? Will it sound like the two tracks on the 7" or has the band changed his approach in there last months ? Who is the producer ?

I can only say that the songs on the album are heavier and more melodic at the same time. Same producer (Matthias Schneeberger), same studio etc...

Let's go more into the songs. How do you compose your songs ? Do they born on your rehearses, who writes the lyrics and what is the message of them?

Usually I will bring in a handful of riffs and we all arrange and construct the songs. Sometimes parts of the songs come out of jams. Pete writes all the lyrics and I don't feel comfortable commenting on there content as they are Petes' and his personal contribution to the band.

The band played a couple shows in Europe, countries like Holland, England. Please speak about it and do you see any chance for your band to make a longer European tour?

Playing in Europe was a goal of ours from the beginning and when we finally got over there, it was incredible ! We would love to come back and do more shows, I know we will be back !

You run Southern Lord Recordings with Steve of Burning Witch and your next release is Obsessed's 'Incarnate' with rare material. What do you think of Mars Hall's Doom Records, a label that also released a couple rare Obsessed stuff ?

Obsessed 'Incarnate' is in my opinion a must have collection of rare and unreleased Obsessed material. It features songs spanning there entire career and has the legendary 'Sodden Jackal' 7" ! Which has one of my all time favorite riffs on it! Our release meant to offer people a decent priced, official, quality document of the kings of doom ! I think that last sentence will answer what we think of Mars Hall and his label.

What was the reason for you to begin playing music and what are your favorite guitar players ?

I began playing the guitar because I was inspired by 2 particular players : Tommy Neimeyer of the Accused and Buzz Osbourne of the Melvins. After that I got heavily into players like : Iommi, Hendrix, Trower, Paul Kosoff, etc...

You have recorded two covers "Hot Road" by Black Oak Arkansas and "Who are you?" by Black Sabbath. Which are the compilations, where you will be featured with these covers and do you plan to record more covers for compilations and b - sides?

"Hot Road" will appear on the Rise Above (Rise 13) compilation CD. "Who are you?" (Black Sabbath) will appear on a Sabbath Tribute CD called "In these Black Days" from HydraHead Records. Both should be out late summer.

Are you into cult bands like Grand Funk, Cactus or Captain Beyond ?

Of course ! And SirLordBaltimore, T2, Teargas, Mountain, FREE, Buffalo, ZZ Top, Deep Purple, Mayblitz etc..etc..etc...

What are your future plans and are you going to release something new this year?

We are recording this summer for 2 Eps to be released later this year. Including 2 more cover songs which are : "Heartbreaker" by FREE and "Burial at Sea" by St.Vitus!