Cruising For A Boozing, Stars & Their Locals - Pete Stahl (taken from Kerrang!)


I live in North Hollywood. It's called the valley here in LA and there are tons of great dives and small bars that I like to frequent, which are away from the whole Hollywood scene. If I have to pick one local it would be 'The Money Tree'.

Where is it?:


What's so great about it?:

Well, it's got an old school clientele, it's dark and tacky and you can smoke there. They have bad 70's style jazz quartets and old soul pick-up bands and Bobby Darin on the jukebox. My sister's boyfriend also bartends there. Free drinks, what more can I say?

Name your poison?:

New Year's Resolution #4: switching back to jack and coke, a real tooth rotter.

Are you a dry-roasted or salted kinda guy?:


How often do you get 'em in?:

We have very large nuts here in the USA so it's easy to get 'em in.

What's your best night at 'The Money Tree' ever?:

We were having a going away party after this millenium bash we had in the desert, and my friends in the dutch band 'Beaver' got up there and played on this jazz band's set-up. It was awesome! Full of friends and family, just what you'd expect at your favourite local.