"IV" Seven Inch Single Reviews


Kerrang! by Dom Lawson

If you're not yet familiar with the awesome groove monster that is Goatsnake then this is probably not the best place to start. Eschewing the more accessible flavours of the "I" debut, Goatsnake's contributions to this EP are both gargantuan slabs of drawn out, sludgy doom. Impossibly heavy and curiously hypnotic in a claustrophobic, oppressive kind of way, both 'Raw Curtains' and 'Burial at Sea' (originally by St Vitus) show a nastier, more intense side to the usual cheery rock scene.


Stoner Rock Rules, by Igor Koifman

Goatsnake has been shaking clubs of Los Angeles for a while now. With former members of the Obsessed and Wool holding to the stoner tradition, Goatsnake sound stands equal to the titans like Black Sabbath and Kyuss. Their set of heavy headbanging songs slowly pulls your soul out until you can't believe that they're done. One song in particular will blow you away, and when I heard about the first 7" release from Goatsnake I certainly hoped it'd be there, and I wasn't disappointed (well, I wouldn't be disappointed with any of their songs, but this one is a true classic). It's "The Innocent". While many guitarists today try to impress each other with more and more elaborate riffs, it's the simple raw stuff that impresses the listeners most. The six chord riff of "The Innocent" is a wild beast barely contained from burning your speakers, taking complete possession of your mind. As if that wasn't enough, the most powerful vocals join in to complete the destruction. The whole experience can only be compared to the best of Kyuss, but mind you, Goatsnake is absolutely unique. The song "IV" on the B-side is a treat as well, it's more representative of the most Goatsnake material, which is about same as to say that one ton of dynamite explodes as well as any other. Hopefully an LP is somewhere on the way!